Production of Large Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Products:

We have mobile and high-performance equipment for large concrete products. Our production capacity is over 12 000m. for railway outlet ditches and 6 000m. for railway platform elements. When needed, we can double the production and manufacture various concrete products on client`s request, with dimensions up to: 200x200x120cm.

Railway outlet ditches:

Type: for ЕК/ЕКТ 200/50 Download

Type: for ЕК/ЕКТ 200/30 Download

Railway platform elements:

PЕМ - 76 Download


Dimensions on request

Lids for outlet ditches:

For ЕК/ЕКТ 50/67/8 Download

Lids – 40/70/6


Square shafts and lids – 30/30; 40/40; 50/50; 60/60; 80/80; 100/100
Special shafts - 100/100x17
Round shafts with dimensions on request